Best SEO Practices For Cosmetic Surgeons

You have spent years perfecting your craft as a leader in the plastic surgery industry, yet you do not have the time to master marketing aspect of it. It is essential to craft a marketing strategy that is designed to suit the individual needs of the practice. Choosing an SEO company to cater to those individual aspects is an important part of the strategy. Here are three aspects that must be included within your SEO strategy.


Include Testimonials

As you are already well aware testimonials are an important aspect of your business. As your clients identify their satisfaction with you, it is essential to use that in your marketing materials online. These testimonials help to bring in more business and create a sense of trust among your potential clients. As you look through various firms, look for those that offer at least one prominent testimonial on the home page and a page dedicated to testimonials. Knowing that the firm has had customers how were happy with their performance in the past is a good sign for your practice.

The testimonials that are placed on your site will have an impact toward the optimization of your web page. The most essential keywords need to be included within the testimonials as well as the testimonial page to help with the overall ranking of the site. These keywords within the testimonial will help the page get indexed by Google and will start to rank for various keywords and phrases. For example, if you were searching for the best surgeon SEO company, you would want to make sure they had reviews and testimonials. In addition, a page that has many testimonials and is ranked well for its primary keywords will convert based solely on the client testimonials.

Understanding Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important aspects to getting your page found in various search engines. Without the proper keywords, your audience will not be found by your potential audience who is looking through the search engines. This can cause lost leads and customers is not identified early enough. Far too many practices invest thousands of dollars having a gorgeous website creates, yet no research is done to target the most relevant keywords for the practice.

It is essential to know what keywords you need to be targeting and the majority of these should be local search relevant. If you want to be the top ranked surgeon in your area, you need to work with an expert in plastic surgery SEO. In addition, the keywords should focus on buyer intent, this simply means that the individual is in the market for some type of service and wants it now.

Proper Tags

many people believe that all there is to SEO is finding the right keywords for Google to find your website. However, that rarely happens to any site! Google has very advanced algorithms and looks for several aspects while crawling a site, and HTML tags are one of those aspects. It is essential to have the following tags included on your site; title tags, meta tags, and heading tags. All of these tags will help Google understand the basics of your page. All tags need to be used correctly and not one tag should be overused as Google can flag it as a spam site. If you are able to use these basic SEO marketing tips for your cosmetic surgery practice, you will see a site that is highly favored by the search engines.

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